Bosch ICON Wiper Blade Review

Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade – 24″ (Pack of 1)Amazon Link

It was not until one of my previous wiper blades was literally breaking apart that I decided that I needed to get new wiper blades, and it just might save my life.

I deliver pizza on the weekends and I live near Seattle so I do a lot of driving in the rain. Recently I had noticed that with my old wiper blades it was VERY difficult for me to see driving in the rain even with my wiper speed set to maximum. My old blades were leaving massive water streaks and really not doing to much good.

Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade – 24″ (Pack of 1)Amazon Link

After looking for the best blades to replace my old ones I decided on the Bosch ICON Wiper Blade. After I bought the Bosch ICON Wiper Blades on amazon the difference was night and day. It became easy to see driving in the rain and there was no water streaking at all. Each wipe of the blade was perfect and visibility on the lowest wiper speed setting is now better than the maximum wiper speed setting using my old blades. I also noticed that there was much more rubber on the Bosch ICON Wiper Blade than my previous blade and that it seems to be much more durable.

For installation simply follow the directions on the back of the package.

It also is a very stylish blade.

wiper blade

The Bosch ICON Wiper blade on my vehicle

I would highly recommend these wiper blades and it is feasible that it could save your life, as driving in the rain is one of the most dangerous activities there is.

When ordering on Amazon it is important that you enter your vehicle information into Amazon as different cars require different blades, the left and right blades are usually going to be different as well. 

I have a 2013 KIA optima so my blades were the 24A and the 18A, yours however will probably be different depending on your vehicle.

Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade – 24″ (Pack of 1)Amazon Link

Verdict: Fanstatic

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